Friday, 12 June 2020

John Lennon's poetry

John Lennon's poetry

Poetry: I was born not far from where John Lennon and I grew up not far from him in Liverpool, not a million miles from Menlove Avenue. John once said, "A working-class hero is something to be." He was right. It is not easily accepted when someone from the rough parts of society shows creativity or shows his talent because he said they will beat you at home and they will beat you at school. Working class people expect their local heroes to be male men. Work club strips or football players. No poets and lovers - Tree of Life Meaning.

I often find that John Lennon was a people's champion for some of the biggest reasons I could think of. He had a drive for his passions and he had an enormous amount of creativity and talent to convey it so brilliantly. However, I have a special reason for admiring him - Payday Loans Australia.

To be successful you had to be tough and John was tough. Being a working-class musician was one thing, but to talk about love and pacifism long before and after the movement was another, and John put himself in the line of fire for his views - business proposal.

I myself hate violence. I have often seen it firsthand. It makes me sick and I think it happened to John too, although he didn't shrink too much early in his young life. He had more than his share of the harshness of life when his father abandoned him at a young age and was then raised by his aunt after his mother also turned him down, who died later, just as they reconciled when he was a teenager. So I think that's why John chose to fight. He fought physically and mentally. I think it was this crude side and the feeling of being easily rejected that prompted him to do whatever he wanted. It was this entrepreneurial spirit that blossomed his creativity. It was this "going against the grain" spirit that also made him realize that ultimately the only real thing that matters in life is love. Peace and love - Environmental justice.

So I think this is another reason I think I can connect with John. He had to see a whole world of difficulties to come to the conclusion that love is all you need. He saw the everyday injustices of society and decided he didn't want to do anything to make things worse - Comedy Clubs NYC.

Luckily, John was a brilliant poet and a great lyricist, and he had people's ears. Like many others, I read his words and get inspired every day. To have these insights, to come from where he came, to live the life he preached after experiencing everything that the extremes of a life lived in public can be hugely impressive and I hope for example words will mean something to everyone and not just few, and this world will live as one.

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